Life After Breath Media Launch

Hi All!

Take a peek below to see more info regarding our show!

We’re so excited to be sharing our new work with you in less than 9 days!

lab bench


Nona and Squee struggle to repair their broken hearts and broken home after Eulalia dies. Tensions rise during their nighttime rituals when they find trying to move on is more difficult than they expect. In an attempt to cope, they seek solutions from The Big Book of Death and discover a magical CD-Rom that presents them with a way to visit the afterlife. Jumping on the chance to find out what happened to Eulalia, Nona and Squee explore the exquisite and excruciating in a crystal volcano, a hidden garden, and a majestic lake. Through their panic and desperation to find Eulalia, Nona and Squee discover they depend on their friendship now more than ever.

Life After Breath is a new work created by Edmontonian theatre artists Amy Chow, Neelam Chattoo and director Nikki Shaffeeulah, stage managed by Kiidra Duhault. It explores grief at its essence and what we as humans want most after a loved one passes on.


Life After Breath is a 50 minute show running at the following dates and times

August 16 – 10:00PM

August 17 – 4:00PM and 10:00PM

August 18 – 6:30PM

August 19 – 6:30PM

August 21 – 6:30PM

August 22 – 8:15PM

August 23 – 8:15PM

August 24 – 2:15PM and 8:15PM

August 25 – 12:30PM

Tickets go on sale August 6th and are available online at, through the Box Office at 780-409-1901 or on the Fringe site at the Transalta Arts Barns. Any unsold tickets will be available 30 minutes prior to the start of the show at Venue 16. Block 1912 Café is a licensed venue, however minors are permitted. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@2MagicBeans).

Fun Facts:

–          Amy Chow and Neelam Chattoo will have dedicated over 200 hours each to the creation and development of Life After Breath

–          Amy and Neelam have been friends since 1995, have been performing together since 2006, and have both completed their Bachelor of Arts degrees in Drama at the University of Alberta

–          Life After Breath was inspired by a performance of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, in which both Amy and Neelam were a part of

–          Amy and Neelam have trained with Jan Henderson, Fool Moon Productions, and Michael Kennard, Mump and Smoot at the University of Alberta

–          A new language was developed for the show maintaining the following rules

  • “squ” replaces “s” in all words beginning with “s”
  • “no” is added to all words beginning with “n”
  • “n” is added to all words beginning with a vowel
  • Ohmbo = Home
  • Nonomo = Gone
  • Momelno = Volcano
  • Avlav = Lava
  • Denlay = Garden
  • Oonfoon = Funeral
  • Fufflesqup = Cupcake
  • Wusp = Mist/Fog/Wind
  • Sluncher = Insect/Spider

–          Venue 16, Second floor of Block 1912 Café used to be a furniture show room

–          Nona and Squee consume 1 cupcake per show. At 585 calories each, and 11 shows, that’s a total of 6,435 calories for the whole run. 3,218 calories each!

–          Our sound designer, Rob Johnson, has created original music just for our show! Rob is a professional musician who plays with the Royal Canadian Artillery band


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