Meet our guest facilitator: Molly Staley!

Magic Beans Productions is proud to present our guest facilitator for this year’s Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival…


a.k.a. Molly-pop

Director Molly Staley

Molly is a choreographer, director, dancer, and producer, in Edmonton. She studied Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and continues her studies at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, in the Arts and Cultural Management diploma program. In 2012, Molly was appointed Executive Director of the Common Ground Arts Society, a local not-for-profit in Edmonton. From 2010 to 2012, she serves as in-house choreographer. Spring 2012, after having a few lovely glasses of wine, some friends and her asked themselves a simple enough question — why a play set in a hotel couldn’t take place in an actual hotel room?  Henceforth, Mischief Managed Company was born. Molly has directed and produced three fringe productions, and a short film, with Mischief Managed Company, before co-founding the multimedia production group, Secret Label. Secret Label produced the pilot episode for a TELUS Storyhive Webseries, The Exhibition, in early 2015. Molly continues to develop her skills as a director, and is currently employed with the Francis Winspear Centre for Music and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, as an Executive Coordinator. She is very excited be a a part of Nona and Squee’s third Fringe adventure!

Recent theatre credits include Tin (Mischief Managed Company, Fringe 2014), Feast (Mischief Managed Company, Fringe 2013), Polite Boys (Mischief Managed Company, Fringe 2012).

Recent film / animation credits include The Exhibition (Secret Label, TELUS Storyhive Season II), and HUM (Mischief Managed Theatre, 2014).


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