Spilling the Beans

Mission Statement

Magic Beans Productions aims to infuse Edmonton life with explorative contemporary theatre through mixed media in performance and by supporting the creation of new work. Our goal is to see-saw between hilarity, heartwarming, and gut wrenching to inspire magic and whimsy in theatre for all ages.


Magic Beans Productions is a collaboration of Neelam Chattoo and Amy Chow, childhood friends since 1995. Since 2005, they’ve created, performed, produced, and designed for theatrical productions in Edmonton, Alberta. Both Neelam and Amy studied Drama at the University of Alberta, graduated in 2012, and are pursuing their theatrical goals.

Magic Beans Productions hopes to inspire whimsy in theatre for all ages. Circling around topics of friendship and the journeys we experience together, the company creates original works to invite audiences to see the magic in everyday life.

Recent Theatre Credits

Nona and Squee in EXILE (2014)

Life After Breath (2013)

Purple, Green, and Yellow (2011)

Neelam Chattoo


Neelam Chattoo is a local theatre practitioner, visual artist and graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. She has been immersed in theatre and the arts for the past several years and has recently had exciting theatre experiences including (un)earthed (Undercurrent Theatre), Life After Breath (Magic Beans Productions), Escape Velocity and other works (Undercurrent Theatre), and Nona and Squee in Exile (Magic Beans Productions).
Continuing on in her artistic endeavors, Neelam also has her ongoing visual art project “Art is a Verb.” Recent credits include the 2013 & 2014 Edmonton Whyte Avenue Art Walk and a two-month exhibit hosted by the original Remedy Cafe. Neelam also cultivates her artistic skill through working as a graphic designer all over Canada. Neelam is thrilled to be one half of Magic Beans Productions, an emerging local theatre company working on their third full length production, premiering at the 2015 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. She is elated to be part of the thriving festival again and is particularly looking forward to the new challenge and yet another theatre-packed summer!

Amy Chow


Amy is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts (Hon) Drama program and is excited to be pursuing her love of theatre production and acting with Magic Beans Productions. Having such a strong bond with her co-creator, Neelam Chattoo, allows for the truly honest (and risky) work clown demands. And what better place to perform new clown performances than at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Edmonton Fringe Festival is, and has been, one of the best places to foster young and emerging artists and Amy counts herself among the lucky ones whose roots lie in Edmonton’s vibrant Fringe culture. Recent theatre credits include Nona and Squee in EXILE (Magic Beans Productions, 2014), Life After Breath (Magic Beans Productions, 2013), Burning Vision (Walterdale Theatre,2013), StarDark (Catasterismi Theatre Company 2013, 2012), and Purple Green and Yellow (Magic Beans Productions/ University of Alberta, 2011).


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